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MP Peter Penashue - Labrador Service Canada Jobs

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Peter_penashue.jpg Labrador MP Peter Penashue Service Canada has confirmed the office in Happy Valley Goose Bay is not closing. The Federal Government announced that they will be closing nearly a hundred Service Canada centres across the country. Close to 80 workers in Newfoundland will be getting lay off notices as well, but it looks like the workers in Labrador will be okay. Peter Penashue talked about recent reports that he had called workers at the Service Canada E-I processing centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay, Here is Penashue speaking with CBC’s Jeremy Eaton. Peter Penashue’s comment came as a surprise to many fellow members of Parliament.Jeremy reached MP Gerry Byrne in Ottawa . we also hear from MP Scott Simms and The Public Service Alliance of Canada Union Representitive Margie Hancock.

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