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How much to buy the Labrador Trappers 12 Days of Christmas?

Trappers 12 days Photo_01.jpgA few years back, Labrador Morning held a contest at Christmas to rework the 12 days of Christmas to make it more “Labrador”. They’re listeners came up with “A Labrador Trappers 12 days of Christmas”…. and here’s the new lyrics. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my trapper gave to me… Twelve Sleds A Sliding, Eleven Axes Ringing, Ten Jays A Stealing, Nine Rabbits Running, Eight Minks A Mating, Seven Stars A Shining, Six Huskies Howling, Five Caribou…… Four Arms Of Wood, Three Stove Cakes, Two Knitted, and A ….A Hot Cup Of Labrador Tea Okay…you got those lyrics….it’s quite a list! Well, Labrador Morning’s Tony Dawson set out to discover how much it would cost to buy everything on the Trappers Twelve days of Christmas list…. And here is what he found.

window design and photo: Eva Luther

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