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Gerald Mitchell's New CD

A voice from Labrador’s past has something new to share. We’ll talk with Labrador Balladeer Gerald Mitchell in the last half hour of the show. Tune in and you could even win a new CD featuring his music. Intro: Makkovik may be a small community but when it comes to music, it’s made a big impact. A lot of that is thanks to a man known as the Labrador Balladeer. In 1964, Gerald Mitchell got his break on a radio program called Rendall’s Round Up doing a 15 minute folk segment called the Labrador Balladeer. Now 74-years-old, Mitchell’s music is reaching new audiences. From the Big Land: Music of Makkovik is a new CD released this summer by a cultural research group at Memorial University. And it features both new and archival recordings. Producer Cherie Wheeler reached Gerald Mitchell in Makkovik

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