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More New Dawn Reaction - Elizabeth and Jack Penashue

Elizabeth Penashue.jpg.. Elizabeth Penashue Now for more on the New Dawn Agreement. Yesterday we heard from Grand Chief Joseph Riche about the overwhelming support for the agreement. Today we reach people living in Sheshatshiu that may not agree fully with this decision. Elizabeth Penashue didn't vote on Thursday. However, if she did vote..she would have voted no because she does not agree with the Lower Churchill Development. Our Colleen Connors reached Elizabeth Penashue at home.
 jack Penashue.png Jack Penashue Although Elizabeth Penashue opposes a major part of the New Dawn Agreement, her son Jack feels its a step towards change and advancement. Jack Penashue is the Social Health Director for Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation He also spoke with Colleen....   

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