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Labrador Morning's 15 minute community Cleanup

Colleen Connors_crew.jpgLabrador Morning’s Colleen Connors Our coverage from our community cleanup campaign. Lydia Chubbs is doing just that this morning. She’s a town councillor and an avid supporter of a cleaner community. Our Colleen Connors found Lydia outside her house on Hamilton River road, The Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association is another group taking part in our 15 minute community cleanup. They are tackling the public boat launch area in HVGB. and….Businesses in Upper Lake Melville are also taking part and when Labrador Grenfell Health learned about the 15 minute Community Clean up, they excitedly accepted our challenge. Colleen Connors is outside the Labrador Health Centre on Hamilton Road this morning where some of the nursing staff are cleaning up the grounds.

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The boat launch area where the Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association will clean-up

zoey.jpg Caroline says Zoey is happier with the walking trail cleaned up a little….