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Firefighting concerns at the Goose Bay Airport

price-goronwy-20081124.jpgGoronwy Price Having a piece of land to call your own means also having a few more responsibilities.
That’s certainly the case for the Goose Bay Airport Corporation or GBAC. The board operates the civilian terminal amoung other properties on the military base. Last July it took ownership of the land those properties sit on….which means it’s part of the town of HVGB. But now the question arises…who covers the services that used to be provided by National Defence. One important service is firefighting. The town has passed a resolution saying it WON’T cover firefighting.
GBAC says it’s working on a long term plan to provide that service but in the meantime it’s had to come up with an interim solution….. General Manager Goronwy Price is here to talk more about this.

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