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Convicted Sex offender Stanley Broomfield will not serve sentence in Labrador

Stanley broomfield- 2011,jpg.jpgStanley Broomfield Thumbnail image for felix_collins.jpgJustice Minister Felix Collins It looks like Stanley Broomfield will NOT be serving a sentence for sexual assault in Labrador. The Happy Valley Goose Bay man was given three years for sexually assaulting a child on the Northern Peninsula three years ago. The Judge reccomended that he serve his time at the Labrador Correctional Center. But there are no programs at the local jail for sexual offenders….. and there was swift criticism to that idea from the victims family and the Status Of Women. Yesterday we discovered inadvertantly that Broomfield will NOT be coming to Labrador….. The message was delivered between the lines when we asked Justice Minister Felix Collins about the lack of treatment services in Labrador.

And, because of privacy legislation, Mr Collins would not confirm exactly where Mr Broomfield is currently serving his time. But Reporter Peter Cowan has been checking on this on he joins Cindy Wall in Studio

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