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Family of Raccoons Found in Labrador

Raccoons01.jpgRaccoon Found In Crate In Labrador City When workers at the Iron Ore Company of Canada started uncrating parts of a new Crane, they got a big surprise. Mama Raccoon and her three babies somehow slipped into part of the crane and ended up in Labrador City. To find out more, reporter Mike Power spoke with Sonya Flynn, an environmental advisor with the Iron ore company of Canada…. And Mark Pritchett, a Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer with the Department of Justice. Those hitch hiking raccoons will be sent back to Ontario this week. It’s not as simple as getting them there, then opening the cage. The Raccoons will spend some time first at the Aspen Valley Wildlife sanctuary, about two hours north of Toronto. To find out more about their role, reporter Mike Power reached general manager Julia McLaren.

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