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Warm Spurt - Flooding in Happy Valley Goose Bay Homes

Best flooding_03.JPGCarol Best’s Basement Happy Valley-Goose Bay Town ManagerWyman Jacque  .jpg Wyman Jacque Mops, fans, and shop vacs are working over-time in Happy Valley - Goose Bay. People living on Michelin street are trying to dry out their basements… They were flooded with water Monday night and yesterday. Our Tara McLean went to a couple of those houses… She found Carol Best and Kyle Rose in their basements…

and…. Ok, What does higher than normal temperatures, loads of rain and frozen ground get you? The answer is small ponds of water collecting on the roads and lawns all over Happy Valley - Goose Bay. What looks like small lakes have been getting larger and larger since the weekend, causing major water damage to homes and the town’s sewage system. Wyman Jacque is the town manager and he’s here to fill us in.

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