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Dialysis In Labrador West - A long awaited homecoming

It’s a home coming that’s been a long time coming… Maurice and Vida Connors are finally back in Labrador City. Maurice - known to his family and friends as “Muck”, needs dialysis on a regular basis… Until just a couple of weeks ago, there was no dialysis treatment available in Labrador West. The couple spent a few months in St. John’s and fifteen long and lonely months in Happy Valley - Goose Bay waiting for the promised dialysis machine for their home town…. When they finally got the news that it was ready to go they packed up to head back home. The CBC’s Tara McLean visited the couple as they were preparing to leave…and , the Connors are back home in Labrador City now……. And to find out how they are settling back in Reporter Mike Power dropped by their home for an update……

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