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Lower Churchill Hearings - FTR -From Friday March 19

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for nalcor.jpgDuring the publlic hearings into the proposed Lower Churchill project audience members are given an opportunity to ask questions of the scientists and other groups that are presenting their findings to the panel. During a recent session on Terrestrial wildlife, Eldred Davis was wondering about sparrow habitat…..he put his question to Al Hanson of Environment Canada:

The topic was terrestrial wildlife when the Innu Nation took the microphone at Lower Churchill Environmental review panel on Friday. Richard Nuna, manager operational programs in Sheshatshiu, talked about the importance of aborignal knowledge versus scientific study…..

Now more from the Lower Churchill Environmental Hearings. Caribou was the topic for the most part on Friday morning. In particular, the threatened woodland caribou. There is some difference of opinion as to how the Lower Churchill development will affect the herd.
Nalcor says the project will not have a major impact, because habitat disruption is not the biggest threat to the herd. More animals are killed by predators likes wolves and bear. Larry Innes is an advisor and legal counsel to the Innu Nation… here is an exceprt of his presentation about the woodland caribou and the Lower Churchill development….After his presentation he was asked this question by wildlife biologist Perry Trimper, who was speaking for Nalcor:

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