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Lower Churchill Hearings - Terrestrial Wildlife

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for nalcor.jpgAnimals like bears, otters, osprey and caribou. Speaking for Nalcor, Perry Trimper, layed out the results of the proponents scentific work…how the studies were done and the results of that work. This excerpt we are going to hear focusses on the Woodland Caribou of Labrador….. Then …Bruno Marcocchio of the Sierra Club took exception to the conclusion about the effects of the development on the red wine caribou. Followed by…. some words directed at the panel members themselves.. Bruno Marcocchio was upset because the panel has asked his group and the Grand RiverKeeper to file their documents the day before the public hearings. Documents for the topic specific sessions are actually required to be filed 10 days before the hearings…….but that has not been happening. Marcocchio says there is a reason for that and he made his point to the panel yesterday:

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