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Lower Churchill Environmental Hearings - Mercury

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for nalcor.jpg The topic of mercury was on the agenda yesterday at the Lower Churchill Environmental hearings. The panel and audience heard from several government agencies and from environmental groups. We have some excerpts of those presentations for you this morning…..first Dr Michel Parent, of Natural Resources Canada explains a bit about how mercury occurs and how we can minimize it’s impacts…. Neil Burgess, a wildlife toxicologist with Environment Canada . His involvement focussed on birds and aquatic mammals….. and…One of the groups that spoke yesterday at the Lower Churchill hearings was the Grandriver Keeper. It’s opposed to a dam on the Lower Churchill for many reasons…amoung them, the mercury that is created when the river valley is flooded …. Here’s part of her presentation by the group’s Roberta Benefiel .

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