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Lower Churchill Environmental hearings - Clearing ALL of the trees from the Muskrat Falls Reservoir ?

Thumbnail image for nalcor.jpgPanel members and presenters at the Lower Churchill hearings spent Friday morning clueing up discussion about the question of whether or not to clear the wood out of the muskrat Falls reservoir area. The proponent Nalcor plans to partially clear the site…but critics say that ALL of the wood should be harvested to help develop a locally based forest industry in particular, a wood pellet operation…. One of the presenters was the provinces dept of Natural resources …Panel members asked Assistant Deputy Minister Keith Dearing for his take on this… well as Mike Hickey. and The Sierra Club has added it’s voice to those who support clearing ALL of the Muskrat Falls Reservoir area if the Lower Churchill is approved. We have already heard local groups talk about the potential for a wood pellet or sawmill operation…. Bruno Marcocchio agrees…and he says there is another reason why the trees in the flood area should go….it would lessen the environmental footprint of the project by reducing greenhouse gasses and Mercury levels. Here is some of what he had to say to the panel reviewing the project:

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