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Lower Churchill Environmental Review - CLEDB - INNU NATION- Nunatsiavut

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 The Lower Churchill Environmental hearings continue in Happy Valley Goose Bay 


CLEDB LOGO.pngThe Central Labrador Economic Development board came with a shopping list of things this week at the Lower Churchill Environmental review. Things that many local people have been talking about ever since the proposed deal was announced by the province. In her presentation Executive Director Carol Best talked about employment, housing, roads and business opportunities.... Here is a portion of what she had to say.....

innu_nation.jpgand...The proposed Lower Churchill development is already getting many businesses thinking about spin off opportunities. One idea that has come up is that of a woods industry using the trees harvested from the reservoir area of Muskrat Falls. But Nalcor has said that it intends to only partially clear the land for flooding. Here is what Paul Rich, CEO of the Innu Development Limited Partnership, had to say about that in his presentation to the review panel yesterday:

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Nunatsiavut Logo copy.jpgNunatsiavut's Minister responsible for Economic Development had a chance to address the Lower Churchill environmental review panel this week. Susan Nochosak outlined her regions current challenges with the local electricity supply and her expectations if the hydro development were to go ahead......

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