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Lower Churchill Environmental Review - A boom and bust in Happy Valley Goose Bay?

Thumbnail image for nalcor.jpgThe Lower Churchill Environmental hearings continued yesterday despite a warning from a Supreme court judge in St Johns. The Labrador Metis want a court injuction to stop the hearings while they fight to get official standing at them. Justice Richard LeBlanc says the injuction will be debated AND decided next week. He said the NunatuKavut Community Council has a significant case that raises its right to be heard ….. He also warned the environmental panel to take a “pause for a thought” while the injuction is before the court But the panel has decided to proceed with business as planned for now . Lucille Jamault speaks for the panel:
and …..Economic impacts was the topic at yesterdays panel session. One point of discussion centered around the question of whether this development will result in a boom bust situation in Happy Valley Goose Bay.
Nalcor has said that jobs created during the construction phase will mean employment for 10 years creating a workforce and a power supply that will be ready to take on any potential industrial development that might follow…. Here is some of that discussion starting with Roberta Benefiel of the GrandRiver Keeper……followed by Gilbert Bennett of Nalcor and economist Wade Locke….

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Joe Goudie.jpgJoe Goudie HOUSING

A lot of people are wondering what a development such as the Lower Churchill might mean for the community of Happy Valley Goose Bay. One issue that has been raised is housing.
There is a shortage now for people of all income levels…. but what will the future bring for those in society who already have the hardest time finding a place to live? That was something addressed by the Melville Native Housing Association …here is chairperson Joe Goudie addressing panel members yesterday:

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