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One Woman's Journey to Labrador to Discover her Uncle's Connection to Hebron..Dating Back to World War II

junker_03.jpg Woody Belsheim, 1945, in sealskin jacket made by Inuit women Rozanne Junker lives in San Francisco, but she spent the last two weeks in Nain and Hopedale. She was on a mission… looking for a family who befriended her 88 year old uncle, Woody Belsheim, many years ago, when he was stationed with the American Forces at Hebron during WWII. Rozanne was determined to learn more about her uncle’s time in Labrador….and determined to find her Uncle Woody’s old friends. She embarked in a research project that eventually took her back to the coast of Labrador. Cindy reached Rozanne Junker after her visit to Nain and Hopedale.

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junker_01.jpgsealskin canoe made by Renatus and Loida Tuglavina and given to Woody Belsheim in 1945 junker_02.jpgAmerican buildings on the right,….the dark spots…Hebron buildings on the left, winter 194 junker_04.jpgHebron brass band, winter 1944 Hebron