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Deadline looming for people who own 'Heating Oil' storage tanks in Northern Labrador.

Thumbnail image for MHA Patty Pottle-Torngat.jpgPatty Pottle There’s a deadline looming for people who own heating oil storage tanks in Northern Labrador. They have to be registered. If you own a single walled tank the deadline is August 31st of this year…if you own a double bottom tank then you have an extra year. But here’s the catch. There’s nobody on the coast who can inspect the tanks for registration. The Community Of Makkovik says if the Province doesn’t help provide that resource, then Northern Labrador should be exempt from the rule altogther. Terry Rice is the towns cheif administrative officer. And we hear from Torngat Mtns. MHA Patty Pottle. she speaks with Colleen Connors.

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