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Reaction to Happy Valley-Goose Bay Boarding House Petition

Thumbnail image for Melinda Anthony_02.jpgMelinda Anthony - Has Petition against Boarding House Now an update to a story we brought you last week. We spoke to newmans boarding hosue petition.jpgBoarding House Petition Melinda Anthony on Friday about a petition she’s circulating in Happy Valley - Goose Bay. She want’s the owner of Newmans Boarding house to improve or close down the business. Anthony lives across the street from the house…..she says it’s in extremely poor condition and lacks the services it’s tenants need. Melinda met with Mayor of HVGB Leo Abbass.jpgMayor Leo Abbass late last week to discuss the state of the boarding house. We have some of your talkback, and Leo Abbass is the mayor of happy Valley Goose Bay, and joins us in studio.

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