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Director of Libra House in Happy Valley Goose Bay - "We need more than a facebook campaign when sex offenders are released into the community"

Thumbnail image for JANET ODONNELL._1jpg.jpgJanet O'Donnell. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of canvassing on the internet  about a sex offender in Happy Valley - Goose Bay.  The man was convicted of sex crimes in the past and has served his time.
 He was released and has been living in the community for the past few weeks.
But the truth is, there are many sex offenders living in communities throughout Labrador, at any given time.
 It raises a tough question.. .does the pubilc have a right to know, or does the individual have the right to privacy after they served their time??
The executive director of Libra House in Happy Valley - Goose Bay says the best way to deal with this issue is to have more resources on the ground.   Janet O'Donnell dropped by our studio and spoke to Cindy Wall....
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