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Conserving Caribou in Labrador

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Nunatsiavut Logo copy.jpgThe Nunatsiavut Government is asking the provincial government for special consideration in the George River caribou hunt.

New provincial regulations have limited the number of animals to one caribou per license, and have eliminated any license transfers. Now these restrictions don't apply to the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area of Nunatsiavut.

But the animals have not been moving into that area for a number of years now ....and that means Inuit have to travel outside the settlement area where they ARE bound by the new rules.

Cindy Wall spoke with Darryl Shiwak, the First Minister, and Interim Minister of Lands and Natural Resources for Nunatsiavut Government

and ...........

armand mackenzie.jpgTop officials from this provinces department of Environment travelled to Sept Isles this week to meet with representatives of seven Innu bands in Quebec.

The topic was the George River Caribou herd.....the province wants the Innu to respect provincial conservation guidelines. The Innu want the province to respect their right to hunt.

Both sides say they were able to agree to a number of principals around the hunt. But there are still a lot of details to work out.....

Cindy reached Armand MacKenzie, an advisor to the Innu bands

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