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Warm Weather Woes - Here and Away

Melinda Jones of Wabush is keeping a close eye on the flooding in North Eastern Australia. Hundreds of thousands of people from the Queensland area have been affected by the floods, and many towns have been evacuated.

Jones grew up in that region and has experienced flooding before. She has family in Australia and has been keeping in touch with them.

She talked to reporter Mike Power about her homeland and the recent flooding which has been decribed as being of biblical proportions.

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If you drive through the town of North West River, you're bound to see one sorry sight.

Every lawn has a lonely, cold snowmobile waiting to be taken for a ride.

North West River Jan 7_11.jpgThe mild weather means no snowmobiling, hunting, or getting to the cabin.

Ernie McLean says he's never seen a winter like it. He told his story to Labrador Morning's Colleen Connors.


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Ryan Snoddon_01.jpgWhile Australia struggles with floods .... the winter is not getting off to a great start for most of Labrador...especially if you like being outdoors on the land.....but there's still a few months left and many are wondering if it will bring more of the same or if things will eventually go back to normal.

We asked CBC"s weather specialist Ryan Snoddon to join us to talk about the weather we can expect for the rest of the winter. 

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