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Caribou Kills along the Trans Labrador Highway and Your Talkback

Shawn skinner.jpgThe caribou hunt is underway in Labrador. Animals are traveling along the highway between Labrador City and Happy Valley - Goose Bay..But they're being killed in a closed zone. The province has officers monitoring the situation....

But when it's done that in the past wthout laying any charges it received a lot of criticism about how it handled the illegal hunting. To find out what's happening THIS year, reporter Peter Cowan spoke with Shawn Skinner.

We got some interesting reaction to that conversation...first  a call we got to talkback, following that, we received a call from Naomie Adey. She was travelling from Happy Valley Goose Bay to Labrador West this past Sunday with her daughter and three grandchildren ..... when something happened that still has her shaken up....

We asked her to join us this morning to tell us what happened. He's the province's minister of Natural Resources...

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