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Meet the Labrador Morning Crew

Cindy Wall -  Producer/Co-Host

 Cindy Wall.jpg                                        

Cindy Wall has been co-host and producer of Labrador Morning since 1998. She started her career with CBC Radio in Labrador in 1978, when she was hired as an announcer operator for the summer. After surviving the initiation rites by her good natured colleagues she worked late nights on the air for the next two summers. In 1980 Cindy was hired as a permanent staff member in Happy Valley Goose Bay. She began co-hosting the regional radio program On The Go, with Peter Miller in St Johns. It was the first time in the province that a program was hosted from two separate locations, made even more challenging in the pre-computer era when scripts were sent via  a telex machine.

In 1983 Cindy was invited to St Johns to host a series of live provincial programs during the royal visit of Prince Charles and Diana. She also hosted the live province wide radio special during Pope Jean Paul the seconds visit in 1984.       

While radio is her first love,


 Cindy also worked in television hosting the Labrador "Here and Now" newscast and the morning show, "Getting Started".  Cindy was a host of the Janeway Children's hospital Telethon in St Johns from 1988 to 2009. 



Tony Dawson - Co-Host

Tony Dawson2.JPG 
Tony Dawson was six years old when his family moved to Labrador City where his father worked for the Iron Ore Company. His interest in radio began at a very early age, and following high school Tony worked at private radio stations for several years before he began with CBC in Happy Valley-Goose Bay in 1982.

Tony moved to CBC Television in Happy Valley-Goose Bay where he spent more than 20 years with Here & Now as a television cameraman and editor. As a video journalist he was the reporter for all of Labrador.

He has covered stories from the iron ore towns of Labrador City and Wabush, the Innu and Inuit communities on Labrador's north coast and the Metis and fishing communities along the south coast and Labrador Straits. The military base in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where air force pilots and crews from Germany, The Netherlands, England, Italy and other countries, as well as their families, have also been the focus of dozens of stories on radio and television. Happy Valley-Goose Bay itself offers a cross section of Aboriginal groups and settlers from around the world.

In 2000, as a video journalist for Here & Now , Tony traveled with the Canadian Military to Kosovo and brought us stories of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians serving in the Canadian Military.

Over the years Tony has filled in on Labrador Morning as a host during the summer, and he is now delighted to be working full time as co-host of "Labrador Morning."
Kate Kyle - Producer

katenov25.jpgLike many Come From Aways, Kate came to Labrador for a summer job.That was 2005.  But Labrador, the north and the people have now become home.


Originally from London, Ontario, Kate spent much of her spare time canoeing and hiking the back trails in northern Ontario, she even worked as a tree planter for two summers.

Labrador was a natural destination, after graduating from Ryerson's School of Journalism.


 As a Reporter Kate, has travelled to almost every community in Labrador, by road, boat and bush plane, filing stories about the people who make up this Big Land. Giving residential school survivors on the north coast of Labrador a voice...Covering out migration on the south coast of Labrador...to the Inuu developing their own school board.



Kate has honed her documentary making and sound gathering skills,  receiving regional and national awards for best use of sound from the Radio Television News Directors Association.


Kate has spent the last year producing Labrador Morning.

 She spends her spare time travelling, learning German, and snowshoeing in her backyard with her border collie, Spike.
Peter Cowan - Reporter
peter 3.JPGPeter started his career with the CBC in Toronto as a reporter.  After working in CBC's largest centre he moved to one of the smallest. 
Peter serves as the news reporter and video journalist for eastern Labrador covering all types of stories for radio and television.  Based out of Happy Valley Goose Bay he also reports on issues on Labrador's north and south coast. 
Peter has a bachelor of journalism from Ryerson University.  Before joining the CBC he worked as a newspaper reporter in places like Victoria, Guelph and Bonneyville, Alberta.  In his spare time Peter is involved in the arts as an actor on stage and behind the scenes as a director of the arts centre.
Tara McLean - Reporter

Tara McLean 2.jpgTara McLean is a homegrown reporter at Labrador Morning. She grew up in Happy Valley - Goose Bay and got her start in journalism as a reporter in Happy Valley Goose Bay in 2001. Since then, she's reported for newspapers, magazines and worked at television stations both here, and in Nova Scotia.

Tara returned to Labrador Morning in 2008, after completing a journalism degree at the University of King's College in Halifax.


You may find Tara anywhere. Whether it's operating for the live show in the morning, combing the streets for your opinions, paddling a canoe along the Churchill River in search of an interview or listening to elders in a Labrador tent. Tara is connected to the community and enjoys sharing your stories. And you hear them all on Labrador  Morning.

email: tara.mclean@cbc.ca


Mike Power - Reporter
Mike Power started with CBC when he was really really really really really really really young.
He has been working with CBC for a long long long long long long long long long time 


Jeremy Eaton - Video Journalist

Jeremy Eaton.jpgJeremy Eaton is a "True Blue Townie", son to a humorologist father and ever-loving and forgiving mother. Second oldest of six, he is a brother to a wide array of personalities. St John's held many adventures for young Jeremy - his biggest quest was finding a way out

With a thirst for adventure and an urge to discover the world, Jeremy spent three years working as a ski instructor in wild western whistler, 'acting' and 'escapading' his way through the Italian countryside and indoctrinating innocent Korean children. These eclectic experiences left him revived, passionate and ready to focus his energies in a post-grad journalism program at Humber College in Toronto with the big dream of becoming a travel writer and humani-document-arian.

Life moved. Jeremy moved with it. In November, he joined the crew at CBC in St. John's and has been working in radio and television news - filing stories from every CBC bureau in Newfoundland and Labrador ever since.

Jeremy Eaton recently joined us at  CBC in  Labrador City. He is thrilled to continue his adventures as a journalist in the  Labrador City/Wabush area,  and to discover all the big lessons this big land has to offer.

Jeremy enjoys mountain biking & skiing .



Byron Hamel - Associate Producer
byron for bio.jpgSpecializing in satire, Byron Hamel works as an associate producer with LABRADOR MORNING. He heads the Labrador Morning Comedy Team, bringing you the view askew, with lovable characters like Anonymous George. Byron's other work with CBC includes production and performance credits for the national radio programs DNTO, GO!, and MADLY OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS
Colleen Connors - Reporter

Colleen Connors_crew.jpgColleen Connors is the newest member on the Labrador Morning Crew.


She's been a reporter with the West Coast Morning Show in Corner Brook on and off for three years now. Colleen completed a Bachelor of Journalism Degree at The University of King's College in 2007. Since then, she's had the opportunity to work overseas as a television host for a NATO media training exercise. She also hosted an information video for the province's Department of Natural Resources. Colleen began her career at community newspapers on the west coast when she was still in high school.


As a new arrival to the community Colleen is quickly falling in love with the people, culture and big blue skies! Already she's made a visit to Nain, and is looking forward to reporting from other communities in Labrador. Keep an eye on the Big Land's new reporter as she makes her way to events and happenings in the community.
You might just catch her hiking, jogging or spending time at the beach in North West River
Lorne Burry  - Maintenance Technician
lorne1.jpg Lorne has been with CBC in Labrador since the late 1970's.
He is probably more well known along the coast than any of the hosts or reporters on Labrador Morning.
At a moments notice he's off to tend to transmitter problems at more than a dozen sites across the Big Land.
Without Lorne....No show!
Beverly Nippard - Administration 

Beverly1.jpgBeverly Nippard was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and grew up in Conception Bay South where she began her varied work experience in a greenhouse as a child, making license plates as a teenager, in retail department stores, supermarkets and restaurants before beginning her career in administration.

She has collected a variety of certificates and diplomas from the District Vocational School, Memorial University Extension Services, KeyIn Technical College, Institute of Children's Literature, and the College of the North Atlantic, and has since worked with provincial government, private companies, non-profit organizations and a federal corporation in various capacities.

A few weeks after moving to Labrador in June 1976, Beverly began working with CBC Television doing programming, moved on to become secretary to the Manager of Program Operations and secretary to the Location Manager. From 1983 to 1997 Beverly took time out to raise her two girls and returned to the Corporation to fill various positions on and off air. As well as writing and airing commentaries, she has filled technical, reporter/editor and administrative positions on a casual basis. Since June 2008 she has been the office administrator for CBC Radio & Television in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

In her spare time Beverly teaches at the local college, writes for a variety of publications, reads, crafts, paints, volunteers, and spends time with her granddaughter Rebecca.