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About the Show

Meet the Labrador Morning Crew


Matt McCann - Host 

Matt McCann _highway_01.jpgMatt McCann was Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, and moved to the East Coast 10 years ago. Since then he has worked as a reporter for New Brunswick's provincial newspaper The Telegraph-Journal, and for the last three years as both a reporter and producer with CBC News in New Brunswick. He now spends his mornings co-hosting Labrador Morning with Bailey White. 



Jay Legere - Producer

Jay  Legere_00.jpgJay couldn't be happier to be home. Throughout his 15 years of exploring Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, Jay always knew that his final destination was Labrador.

Jay grew up in Labrador: First in Hopedale as a young boy, then in 1985 his family settled in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Now that he's back, and he couldn't be more excited to continue his career with CBC Labrador.

From humble beginnings as a camera operator at a race track in Ottawa, to filing numerous stories as a VJ for the National, when it comes to the broadcast industry, Jay has done it all. One of his most memorable moments includes covering the plane crash in Hudson Straight that left 2 Swedish pilots stranded on an ice floe. He's also proud to say that he's spent many hours in small planes flying to some of the most remote communities in the arctic to cover stories of the Inuit. He even made a pit stop on the arctic ocean. But the story that stands out most for Jay is when he followed an Inuk hunter on a seal hunt during a controversial time when animal rights activists, including Sir Paul McCartney were calling for an end to the hunt.

Jay spent 11 years in the field, and in June 2011 he took over as producer of the supper hour TV News program for CBC North.

Now he's on to the next stage in his career, and as the Producer for Labrador Morning, he says he's ready to give everything he has to the show he grew up listening to.


John Gaudi - Reporter

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 John Gaudi started his career ain 2004 as a production assistant for CBC Radio in Nova Scotia. He went on from there to freelance with CBC Toronto, The Current and Maritime magazine. He has also worked as chase producer, correspondent, editorial assistant, and reporter in various parts of the country with the CBC.