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Ask the Question Machine anything!


Your friends from Studio K would love to hear from you!

Ask them anything... really, anything! Would you like to know how to make a boat out of hat? Or maybe you're wondering how Gary shines his horn? Ever wonder why the sky is blue and not green? All of these are great questions. You can even ask any one of your friends from Studio K a question: Victor, Tony, Janaye, Cottonball, Gary and Mr. Orlando would all love to hear from you!


Your questions answered:

Wow - you're really sending in a LOT of questions and that's great! Victor, Tony, Janaye, Gary, Cottonball and Mr. Orlando are going to need some time to put together the best answers to all your questions so check back here every once in a while and see what questions have been updated. And keep those questions coming!  

Gavin asks: How old is Mr. Orlando?

Alice asks: What is Gary's favourite colour?

Juliana asks: How old is Gary?

David asks: What's your favourite food?

Billy asks: Who is the smartest person in Studio K?

Taryn asks: What is Tony's favourite colour?

Wellspring asks: What are you good at?

Ahsam asks: What would you do if a volcano erupted?

Asaseyaa asks: What do you do when you're sad?

Kyra asks: Do you have any pets?

Kaylee asks: Mr Orlando, what do you do in studio K?

Trevor asks: What made-up Olympic sport would you get a medal in?

Tawfiq asks: What's the best dance move ever?

Sarah asks: What's it like to be on TV?

Gemma asks: What is zero divided by zero?

Tina asks: Why are there no words that rhyme with orange?

Miracle asks: How do fish sleep?

Blake asks: Would you rather be a spider or a grasshopper?

Caroline asks: What are names for?

Rehan asks: Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

Gordon asks: Would you rather be a good guy or a bad guy?

Alex asks: What is your favourite place?

Chantel asks: Mr. Orlando, what do you do for fun?

Gabe asks: Does your horn get in the way?

Nicolas asks: What's Gary's favourite animal?

Isaac asks: Is Gary a big hugger?

Lylian asks: How does Gary shine his horn?

Arun asks: Which do you prefer, email or mail?

Isaac asks: What is Gary's favourite hug?

Jessica asks: Does Gary use magic?

Kyle asks: What are Gary's favourite things?

Anastasia asks: What if you were a bug?


Gavin asks: What's your favourite Halloween treat?

Neveah asks: What kind of jack-o'-lantern would you have?

Connor asks: What's your favourite Halloween costume?

Annalee asks: Have you ever seen a ghost?


Tony answers 10 questions:

  • Aris asks: What is your favourite flavour of ice cream and favourite race car?
  • Bella asks: Does Tony like chocolate?
  • Emma asks: Can Tony lift 1,000 pop cans?
  • Levon asks: Who is your favourite person?
  • Kylie asks: What's Tony's favourite animal?
  • Haya asks: Have you ever fed a turtle?
  • Amelia asks: If you were a cartoon, what would your name be?
  • Marry asks: Will I be a millionaire when I'm older?
  • Jeremy asks: What's one of the greatest toy inventions for kids of all time and why?
  • Ulises asks: What's 40+20?