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Canada’s coolest winter playgrounds


Photo by Ian Munroe licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

While this chilly season might tempt you to hibernate until spring, our list of Canada’s coolest winter playgrounds will make you want to do no such thing.

Great to skate

Skaters enjoying the ice on the frozen Rideau Canal.
Photo by Matt Boman licensed CC BY 2.0

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is the world’s largest naturally frozen ice rink according to the Guinness World Records. It’s 7.8 km long and has a total maintained surface area of 165, 621 m² which is equivalent to 90 Olympic-size skating rinks.

Tour a frozen kingdom

A boy slides out of an enormous ice castle.
Photo by christopher Lough licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Take a tour of these super cool ice castles that Edmonton boasts each winter, but make sure to bundle up! They keep the air conditioning on all year round.

Northern nightlights

Green lights light up the night sky.
Photo by Jeff Wallace licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Jasper National Park in Alberta is home to the best show around! Look up at the night sky to see a colourful dance of neon green swirl across the night’s sky that is the Aurora Borealis.

Come one, come all, to Carnaval!

People admiring snow sculptures.
Photo by Matias Garabedian licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

One of Canada’s most festive winter playgrounds, the Carnaval de Quebec is a huge party! It's famous across our nation for its ice sculptures, maple syrup and Bon Homme de Neige!

The great escape (to indoors)


If you’re in Langley, British Columbia, and looking to warm your toes while still having fun, this is your great escape! The Great Escape playground is open to kids of all ages and features 3D glow-in-the dark golf, a four-storey jungle-themed play structure (complete with tons of slides and climbing challenges), and even an interactive game floor!