Past Episodes: October 2012 Archives

Reuben Bullock meets Florence and the Machine

This week on the Key of A, Reuben Bullock tells the story of how he hooked up with Luv Luv Luv Records in the UK -- best known for the band Florence and the Machine. You'll hear that story, and the first single to come out of that new partnership as Reuben and the Dark get ready to bring that new sound back to Alberta on tour next month.

Two young Albertans are competing for the same Canadian Folk Music Award; Rebecca Lappa and Lucas Chaisson are both nominated as Young Performer of the Year. You'll have the chance to hear them back to back. (Those awards get handed out mid-November in St John, NB.)
Plus, Tegan and Sara are getting what's been described as a 'sonic makeover' for their upcoming album, Heartthrob, due on in January. You'll get a preview, with the first single, Closer


Raghav rises like The Phoenix in Calgary; Colleen Brown launches DIRT in St. Albert

This week on the Key of A, you'll meet Raghav. He's a thirty-one year old international pop superstar, originally from Calgary, who's had huge success in other countries. Now he's back living in his hometown, and he says, it's time to try and break into the North American market.

Raghav joins Katherine in studio for a chat about the challenges of re-launching his career here, and about his musical choices on his recent CD, The Phoenix, which includes one song sung in Hindi, and another originally written for Michael Jackson.
Plus, we take you to the stage of the Arden Theatre in St. Albert, where Colleen Brown pulls out all the stops with a full-band launch of her newest album, Colleen Brown's DIRT


Cadence Weapon, Scott Macleod and The Engadine Sessions

You take some inspired female songwriters to a beautiful lodge in the Rocky Mountains, and the next thing you know, you've got a magical new release called The Engadine Sessions. This week on the Key of A, you'll hear songs from the record, by Cori Brewster, Kat Danser, Karla Anderson and Chloe Albert

Plus -- it's touring season in the music business, so in the next few weeks in Alberta, you'll have the chance to hear live shows by Cadence Weapon, Scott Macleod -- and the Engadine Sessions artists are touring the province as well.

And... two takes on reggae by Alberta bands: Edmonton's Dub Vulture and Calgary's Makeshift Innocence.