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Raghav comes home to Calgary

On this week's show, you're going to meet Raghav, a 31-year old singer who's sold millions in the UK and India, but is almost unknown in North America (save for the single, "Fire" which you may have heard on commercial radio recently) -- except in the Indian community.

Raghav has moved back to Calgary to be close to his family and now he's trying to 'break into' North America with a new album, The Phoenix. Raghav joins Katherine in the studio to tell his story, and play some of his music, which has been described as "South Asian U.S. R&B music with hip-hop flourishes."
Plus, we'll take another listen to the great live show Edmonton's Colleen Brown put together to launch her latest album, Colleen Brown's Dirt at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert.
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