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Vanessa Cardui, Reuben Bullock, The Magnetic North... plus "Acres of Dreams"

This week on the Key of A, four Alberta singer-songwriters -- Kris Demeanor, Wendy McNeill, James Keelaghan and Cadence Weapon -- team up with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to play their original songs about home, history and relocation. It's part 2 of Acres of Dreams, recorded last January at the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary. Kris Demeanor helped put the show together, and he joins Katherine in the studio to talk about the ideas behind the show, and how it came together.

Plus, we'll dip into 3 new and recent releases, and hear songs by Vanessa Cardui, Reuben Bullock and The Magnetic North.


New Alberta Music for a New Year!

This week on the Key of A -- brand new music for a brand (almost) new year!
We'll hear electronica from Rae Spoon's new album, I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets; jazz vocalist Deb Rasmussen and guitarist Keith Smith's new one, Heart Wide Open; and indie pop from Woodpigeon, a Calgary band that's just getting ready to release a new 6-song EP called For Paolo.
Plus, The Agnostic Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy -- musical love-child of the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and Forbidden Dimension -- makes its debut with Campfire Tales.
And, we tell you about the "Alberta Battle of the Blues" -- with Calgary's John Rutherford facing off on stage against Edmonton's Marshall Lawrence, the Doctor of the Blues -- coming to a stage near you this month!


Acres of Dreams, from 2011 High Performance Rodeo

This week on the Key of A, we take you back to a very special event at last year's High Performance Rodeo in Calgary. You'll hear four Alberta singer-songwriters, performing their original songs with a very big back-up band -- the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, with conductor Melanie Leonard.

The inspiration behind the event, is an ad campaign dating back to the late 1880's, when the government was trying to entice new settlers to the Canadian West -- the title of the campaign was Acres of Dreams. And all the new songs written for the concert are inspired by ideas of immigration, resettling, and home.

Kris Demeanor put the show together and he's Katherine's guest on the Key of A. We'll also hear him onstage with the Calgary Philharmonic, and fellow songwriters Wendy McNeill, James Keelaghan and Cadence Weapon.