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Musical Consolation Prizes for a Late Spring

So, it's March.
Nowhere near spring in this part of the world.
But there's a musical consolation prize to look forward to.

March is when the annual Transcanada Alberta Music Series happens. That's the 4-day songwriter's festival that used to be called "The Alberta Sessions." Singer-songwriters and bands from across the province get together to play for each other and an audience of dedicated listeners at the Engineered Air Theatre in Calgary.

This year's Alberta Music series happens March 23rd to 26th. To get you in the mood
we'll hear a set from last year's series, featuring Savk from Calgary, and Craig Schram from the Edmonton band, The Provincial Archive.

March is also the time to start thinking ahead to the annual BreakOut West Festival and Awards (formerly the Western Canadian Music Awards.) Submissions are now open for bands who want to play the festival this October (held this year in the rockin' town of Whitehorse, Yukon)and musicians who want to submit their 2010 cd releases for possible awards.

Alberta musicians did fairly well in last year's nominations, but only won in 1 category, "Jazz Album of the Year." We'll take a listen to the winner of that prize, Edmonton's Sandro Dominelli, with his album The Alvo Sessions.

Plus, new music by Leeroy Stagger, Andrea Revel, and the band Global Chilling.

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