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Acres of Dreams... part 1

This week's Key of A brings you a very special live show called Acres of Dreams.

That title comes from an ad campaign from the late 1880's, trying to convince people to settle in the Canadian west.

On this show, Alberta songwriters Kris Demeanor, Wendy McNeill, James Keelaghan and Cadence Weapon all join the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to sing their original songs -- inspired by ideas of immigration, moving west, leaving home and settling in a new place. The orchestral arrangements are by Dave Pierce, veteran of many Calgary Stampede Grandstand Shows, and recent Emmy Award winner for his work as music director of the Vancouver Olympic Games.

CBC recorded it last month as part of the 25th Annual High Performance Rodeo, Calgary's International Festival of the Arts. We'll be airing it in two parts, this week and next (Feb 12 and 19) on the Key of A. Kris Demeanor, who put the project together, will join Katherine in studio for a chat on both shows.

You can also find the entire concert on CBC's Concerts on Demand website, here!
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