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Key of A Top 11 for 2012!

Our favorite show of the year, when we listen back and pick the artists who made the biggest impact with their 2012 releases. As usual, it's a wide-ranging collection, with rock, r&b, pop, hip-hop, reggae, alternative country, folk and more.

We've picked our top 11, but we'll let you rank them. Here's the full list of songs we chose to represent each album, in the order you'll hear them on the show:

Good in Me - Nuela Charles/Aware
Night is for Sleepers - Lorrie Matheson/Night is for Sleepers
Gettin' Down on the Mountain - Corb Lund/Cabin Fever
I Cannot Tell You - Maria Dunn/Piece by Piece
Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya - Raghav/The Phoenix
Executive Summary - Politic Live/Ellipsis
Being Me/Wake Me Up - Picture the Ocean/Picture the Ocean
Love is Learned - Wool on Wolves/Measures of Progress
Graceland and Graveyards - Karla Adolphe/Honeycomb Tombs
Cheval - Cadence Weapon/Hope in Dirt City
One Love - Makeshift Innocence/Yours to Keep

What do you think of our list? Who did we miss?
How would you rank the artists listed above?

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