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Nuela Charles, Murdoch and Sparrow, I am Machi, and more!

This week on the Key of A, you'll hear about the newest project from the van Kampen brothers -- Stephen and Paul. Since their first big band, Beija Flor, they've each had solo projects: Savk and Magnetic North. Now they're once again teaming up with a new project, Dark Red Dark Blue. Stephen will join me to talk about it, and we'll hear a preview track from their upcoming debut release.

Speaking of partnerships, two Edmonton artists have teamed up. James Murdoch and Jay Sparrow -- both with busy solo careers -- have started performing as the duo Murdoch and Sparrow. You'll hear part of the live show they recorded at the Arden Theatre for a CD called Dominion Day.
Plus -- a new husband and wife duo from Edmonton, making high energy noise rock under the name I am Machi.
And... Remember an artist who went by the name "The Manuela?" Well.... she's back -- with a new version of her name, a new sound and a fabulous new album, Nuela Charles, Aware.
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