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Corb Lund's Cabin Fever, The McDades documentary, Trina Nestibo's Miss Daisy

This week on the Key of A, Corb Lund will be here to tell you about cowboys... and Cabin Fever. Cowboys, because he's doing a show with Ian Tyson called 100 years of Calgary Cowboys.
Cabin Fever -- that's the name of Corb Lund's new album coming out later this summer. He'll tell you about how he put that new record together and you'll get to hear a song from the album as well.
Plus, a new documentary about The McDades: Brother Brother Sister Making Music  that lets you in on what it's like to play in a family band from the time you're a little kid, among other things. You can watch an early trailer for the movie, here.

And.. you'll meet "Miss Daisy" -- the alter-ego of Calgary singer-songwriter Trina Nestibo; she'll be here to talk about her new show designed for kids aged 3-4, playing this Sunday afternoon at the Ironwood Stage and Grill in Calgary
Plus -- a great new jazz album by bass player, writer and composer Chris Tarry, called The Rest of the Story. He's in Edmonton this weekend for a release show at the Yardbird Suite.
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