Episode 1

A three-month-old baby boy in Vancouver gets a hole in his heart patched during open-heart surgery, while his parents wait anxiously for news. In Toronto, a 28-year-old veteran whose neck was broken during a rec hockey game works hard to defy the statistics and walk again; and a teenage girl goes hopefully into a laser treatment for the severe burn scars that have shaped her identity. Meanwhile, an 85-year-old in Charlottetown is rushed to hospital by paramedics who fear he has suffered a mini-stroke. In a Labrador clinic with no on-site doctor, a dedicated nurse gives a checkup with help from an unconventional high-tech assistant, Rosie the Robot. And in Calgary, a brave 73-year-old woman navigates through grief, pragmatism, and hope as she lovingly cares for her husband with Alzheimer’s disease.


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