Panago Pizza robbed in Kamloops

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He wasn't in costume but a man with something covering his face robbed the Panago Pizza on Summitt drive Halloween night. Kamloops RCMP say around 10:30 the man walked in and demanded money. He had his hand in his pocket and indicated he had a weapon. The cashier handed over 750 dollars and then the man ran away. Police are asking for anyone who may have seen the robbery to call them.

Kamloops RCMP were also kept busy by someone who shot out two windows in a home in Sahali with a pellet gun. Police say it happened around 11 o' clock on Monarch Drive. No one was injured. Earlier this month, also in Sahali, a home and a number of vehicles had their windows shot out by someone with a pellet gun. No one was caught.

The man who filled the halls of Government House with country songs, and carved a cedar canoe with his buddies in the garage, is now leaving. Thursday is the last day on the job for Steven Point, the first aboriginal person to serve as the Queen's representative in this province. Point was B.C.'s 28th lieutenant governor. Nicola Valley rancher Judith Guichon will officially replace Point during a ceremony on Friday.

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