Multi vehicle crash on the Coquihalla highway

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Dozens of people were taken to hospital after a huge, multi-vehicle crash on the Coquihalla Highway last night. A chain reaction smashup in wintery conditions involved a bus packed with senior citizens, two semi trucks and 2 vehicles. It happened near the Inks lake road exit and closed the highway northbound for several hours. Police say no one was seriously hurt.

Pedestrian killed downtown

A woman in her 60's is dead after being hit by a pick up truck in downtown Kamloops. Police say it happened at 6th and Victoria street around 5:30 Wednesday night. The woman was taken to Royal Inland hospital where she died from her injuries. RCMP Traffic services have taken over the investigation.

Sentencing for man who killed sled dogs

Sentencing is expected to take place Thursday for a man who has admitted to slaughtering 56 sled dogs near Whistler just weeks after the 2010 winter Olympics. Robert Fawcett pleaded guilty in August to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the animals.

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