Kamloops hopes med school students are here to stay

There are now four students of UBC's Southern Medical Program getting hands-on doctor training in Kamloops. (CBC)
Communities all over B.C. are desperate for family physicians, and a solution has seemed unclear.

Until now.

A pilot project at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops may be starting to remedy the doctor shortage, one med school student at a time.

Kamloops is one of four training sites for the Southern Medical Program. Four third-year medical students from UBC are getting practical experience at our local hospital.

Over the next year, they will train in 10 different clinical disciplines including pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and emergency medicine, and administrators hope some of the young docs will learn to love the city and maybe even stay.

Laura Kosakoski is one of those, and Daybreak caught up with her last week as she worked with patients and shadowed Dr. Elizabeth Ewart at the Thompson Valley Obstetrics Clinic.

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