Josh and the Armchair Mayor: puppy love

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Armchair Mayor Mel Rothenburger and Josh Pagé discuss whether Kamloops' two dogs rule makes sense. They have this chat at the dog pound, where puppies like this one wait for their owners to pick them up or be taken to the SPCA for adoption (CBC).
Should Joey stay or go.

He's the chihuahua who tied up Kamloops city council for more than half an hour on Tuesday.    

His owners wanted to keep him, but that would mean three dogs for their house, which is against the rules in Kamloops.

In the end, local politicians voted to give one of the three dogs the boot.

As councillor Ken Christian says, "this is a two dog town."
Watching this dog debate were Josh and the Armchair Mayor.   

In this episode of their column they head to the dog pound.
Amidst poor puppy castoffs, they chew on whether politicians should spend so much time in the dog house.

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