Josh and the Armchair Mayor: performing arts centre questioned

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Armchair Mayor Mel Rothenburger and Josh Pagé debate the merits of Kamloops getting a new performing arts. It all starts at the Kamloops Dance Academy where Sandi Lewis was teaching a class (Josh Pagé/CBC).
To be or not to be.

That is the question that faces Hamlet in Shakespeare's famous play.

Whether Hamlet will ever get to answer that question in a brand new performing arts centre in Kamloops is also unknown.

Plans for the new facility have been debated for a while now, but lately Mayor Peter Milobar seems like he wants to set the stage for such a centre.
Armchair Mayor Mel Rothenburger has seen this rehearsal before though.

He says now is the time to start building a new centre that can hold more than 1,000 people.   

This week's episode of Josh and the Armchair Mayor starts at the Kamloops Dance Academy.

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