Democrats win while Marijuana vote raises questions for B.C.

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The Democrats remain in the White House. Obama defeated his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, winning both the popular vote and the electoral college. The situation in the U-S Congress remains relatively unchanged. The Democrats will keep their majority in the Senate, while the Republicans will remain in control of the House of Representatives. And in Washington State, voters made their own historic decision Tuesday night. They decided to legalize and tax small amounts of marijuana. Pot advocates in B.C. say the pressure is now on in B.C. to follow suit.

Health impact of wind farms questioned

People living near wind farms in northeastern B.C. say their health has been negatively impacted by the turbines.  Now a new scientific study in the Journal of Noise and Health is backing up some of those claims.

Quesnel man charged with promoting hate

RCMP have charged a Quesnel man with promoting hate, following complaints about his outspoken website. Arthur Topham faces a charge of promoting hatred against "people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group" Topham's website recounts his battle with police alongside cartoons and rants with titles like "the Biological Jew" .
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