Josh and the Armchair Mayor: the Ajax Mine

In Kamloops, we know him as the "Armchair Mayor."

Mel Rothenberger spent more than 35 years in the editor's chair at the Kamloops Daily News, and six years as the city's mayor from 1999-2005.Mel just retired a few weeks ago, but he's already back at work -- this time for us.

He's our new columnist for an inside look to everything Kamloops, but he's not alone.

Our associate producer Josh Pagé is brand new to the city -- he moved here from Saskatchewan a month ago.

We decided to team the man who knows everything about Kamloops, Mel, with a man who wants to know everything.

It's our new column about the city, a segment we call "Josh and the Armchair Mayor." These two begin by going fishing for an Ajax mine story at Jacko Lake in Kamloops.
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