Josh and the Armchair Mayor: tag, you're it!

Armchair Mayor Mel Rothenburger and our associate producer, Josh Pagé, debate how big of a problem graffiti, like these tags near Peterson Creek, is in Kamloops (CBC).

Is graffiti a growing problem in Kamloops?

A report to city council this week said four soccer fields worth of graffiti have been covered up this year already.

Tagging is a pet peeve of former mayor Mel Rothenburger.
He sees graffiti as a civic war between the graffiti task force, armed with paintbrushes, and the taggers, armed with spray cans.

But Kamloops newcomer, our own Josh Pagé, doesn't think a battle has even begun.
Here is our weekly city feature, "Josh and the Armchair Mayor."

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