Orphaned spirit bear moves to Kamloops

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The BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops has announced the Kermode Spirit Bear as its newest arrival. The park will be the only place in the world to have a spirit bear in captivity. The bear is an orphan and is named Clover.

People on parts of Long Island, New York,  are using dinghies and kayaks to flee their homes. Flooding is intensifying as the worst of Hurricane Sandy approaches them. Authorities say millions could be without power for days once the so called super storm gains a foothold.  Tens of thousands of people have already lost power in New Jersey. People in eastern and southern Ontario are also being warned that  flooding and high winds can result in power failures.

As aftershocks continue to rattle northern BC, some have questioned whether the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline would withstand a large earthquake. Enbridge senior executive Janet Holder says this morning she is confident that Saturday's earthquake would have no impact on the pipeline, adding they would have far more significant precautions built in.

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