Independent Investigation office now has two more cases

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BC's Independent Investigation Office has another case on its hands. It centres on a policeinvolved shooting in Vancouver. The incident happened shortly after 8 Monday night, when police were called because someone was smashing windows near the P.N.E. Police say the first officer on the scene was confronted by a man who was holding a knife. That man was shot by police, and taken to hospital, where he died.

The Independent Investigation Office is also investigating a case involving a driver who raced through a speed trap and then slammed into another car. The I.I.O. reports a vehicle raced through a speed trap set up by Langley RCMP at about 5:30 Monday night and the driver fled when officers tried to stop him. Just minutes later, the suspect vehicle slammed into another car, killing the second driver. The suspect driver is now in custody and independent civilian investigators are working with Langley RCMP to sort out what happened.

People who live along B.C.'s northwest coast were shaken up again last night. The U.S. Geological Survey says a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haida Gwaii just before 8 o'clock last night and at a depth of nine kilometres. No tsunami alerts or warnings were issued after the quake.

At least 16 deaths are reported after Hurricane Sandy raged across the Northeastern United States. New York City was hit by an unprecedented four metre high storm surge, causing flooding and power failures.

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