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The union representing border guards in Canada says a guard shot yesterday at the Peace Arch Crossing will make a full recovery. The union says Lori Bowcock remains in hospital in stable condition. Early this morning, a union official was quoted elsewhere suggesting Bowcock was hit with a stray bullet that had passed through the body of a man who killed himself at the crossing. But Union spokesman Jason McMichael says that doesn't appear to be the case.

The 56 sled dogs exhumed from a mass grave in Pemberton will be reburied early next month.
The dogs were killed in 2010. The animals will be laid to rest in a pet cemetary in Penticton.
The dogs were evidence in the court case,that had to be resolved before they could be buried.
The man who killed the dogs will be sentenced in late November.

Natural Resources Canada confirms a small earthquake occurred in the Fort St. John area last night. Earthquake Seismologist Alison Bird says their records show some seismic activity around 10:35 pm. However the size of the quake is not yet known.

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