The Station Comes Together

We're just a couple of weeks from our launch, and we're almost ready. The final pieces are falling into place.

The audio board is now installed and ready for testing. The furniture has arrived, so we're no longer at card tables. Foam panels are going up on the walls to dampen the sound.

Even the small things are getting done. We just got a shipment of CBC swag, travel mugs and window thermometers, for prizes and promotion.
The long list of things to do is getting a lot shorter.
Of course there's much more ahead.

Our whiteboard is empty. That's where we'll organize our morning show. We've got guests to book, stories to arrange, music to choose... all the bits and pieces that go into tying together  two-and-a-half hours of radio each morning. 
It's almost show sure to tune-in or drop by 218 Victoria St. on our opening day, Tuesday October 9!

~Producer, Rob Polson
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