Picking the playlist at CBC Daybreak Kamloops

Associate producer Josh Pagé has his work cut out for him, shaping the musical sound of Daybreak Kamloops. So he set up music quotas for the show. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC, Josh Pagé/CBC)
It's the one part of a radio show that polarizes people more than the most controversial interview: the music!
Every day Daybreak Kamloops will have a selection of music for you that is both familiar and offers a chance for discovery.
Wondering who is playing at your local joints? We'll tell you. Feel like a Canadian clock radio classic each week? Yep, we're on that too.
Our music will be like a friendly, familiar teddy bear -- that also has a sharp set of teeth.
So whether it's a local act, the best new music from Canadian artists or even a touch of Joni Mitchell, we'll have it for you. Just tune in, and turn it up.
The daily selections will come from Associate Producer, Josh Pagé. Here's why we think he's the right guy to wield so much power!
"There I was, a 12-year-old Josh Pagé surfing the slow virtual waters of our dial-up internet connection for music, when I discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers from their early 90s sound, and the band's bass player, Flea.
He played bass in a way that I didn't think was possible -- and I needed to do that.
I begged my dad for a bass (he also played bass) and he got me a small red Squire Bronco Bass for my 13th birthday. Now after more than a decade dedicated to the rhythm and funk of playing bass with a number of folks across Saskatchewan, I'm here to lend my love of music to the show.
And hey, I even have my favourite bass guitar (Big Pink) tattooed all the way down my left arm, as an ode to the necessity of music in our lives."

Stay tuned!

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