Our Anchor's Away!

Kamloops News Anchor Doug Herbert learning the ropes at CBC Kelowna. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC)
A note from Kamloops news anchor Doug Herbert:

As we prepare to launch Daybreak Kamloops, I've been spending time at CBC Kelowna learning from veteran newsman David French.
I grew up listening to the CBC and was always told "you have a voice for radio." I am glad it wasn't my face people were talking about!
After years of plugging away as an actor, while doing various jobs to pay the bills, I found my way into journalism. I got my start working in private radio which soon led me to Kamloops where I also did TV stories. With CBC launching this bureau I thought I might as well try for the job. When I was told I had it, I was struck by the funny way the world works. All those years ago I would never have thought I'd end up reading the news on the CBC!
While training in Kelowna it has been refreshing to see how passionate my new colleagues are about reporting on the community they live in. It has been a very busy time here as I've been preparing newscasts and reading them on air. The training has been excellent, however my hotel bed has been somewhat lacking, it'll be nice to be get back home to the Tournament capital!
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